Week in the Life – The story of Sunday

This week has flown by. I am so glad I took part in Week in the Life, not just because I really enjoy taking pictures and creating album layouts, but because I know when I look back on this next year, or even in 10 years time, the images and stories told will reflect us at this moment in time.

This week has also improved my journalling. My Project Life spreads contain little explanations of the images, I just assume the images tell the story for me, but this week I have tried to focus on why I have taken a certain picture, not just because the dog was looking cute, or my shoes got muddy – but what does it say about my life right now.

Sunday’s story: 

Today I tried sleeping with the blind open a little. We have never had a blackout blind before and the last few morning I have woken up with headaches. Maybe it’s just the weather.

Today I drank tea, like i do everyday. With out fail. Hubby likes his coffee milky and I like my tea strong so i leave it to stand before putting the milk in when I make our drinks in a morning.

Today i ate some cake which my mom bought round on Saturday. I do love cake.

Project life labels
Today i finally labelled my Project Life and #myselfiescapbook albums

Today i enjoyed cuddles with the pup.

And walkies. 

Today i was greatful for some relaxation time with hubby.

Things I will do differently next year:

Remember to capture when i go out and about – this week I visited the supermarket twice, all I have is one blurry photo of the stuff on the checkout as I forgot to take the image I really wanted of the basket.

Blogging has really helped me remember the stories behind the images, but I would like to make better use of Ali’s WILT daily sheets and plan the layouts as I go along.

Next year I would really like to do this project during the school months to document a more typical week in the life and be able to compare it to this year to see how routines change.

Now to complete the album!



Week in the Life – The story of Saturday

Todays story: Soil and rain

I always have breakfast – todays choice, cornflakes, and of cause a cup of tea

Since moving house, this is the first time I have had a garden, so i was really looking forward to creating a few pots for the decking.

Mom helped me decide where to put them. Mom always knows best.

We finished just in time before the thunder storms hit. At least they got a good watering!

I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, and as Dex hates going out the rain, it was a good excuse to watch a few more episodes!

Again, a distinct lack of evening shots as I planned to do in yesterdays post  – It is the last day tomorrow so I will ensure i get some of our evening routine to complete the album.


Week in the life – The story of Friday

This week is flying by – Just two more days of this Week in the Life project. I have no idea how any of the images are going to work in the album kit, but I’ve decided to just see what images I have after the week in over, and them plan the layouts with corresponding page protectors and journalling cards.

The story of today: Daily life

I didn’t sleep to well last night, so a cup of tea in bed was required after Hubby got up and went to work.

Dex also had the same idea of having a lie in. He always lies in his basket this way, it is his favourite spot.

Daily chores are a bore but hubby needed some clean work shirts. Summer holidays has its advantages –  keeping on top of the washing is one of them!

I took some time this afternoon in my new craft room (after moving house) to update my blog and to check out all the other great inspirational posts linked through Ali’s site. Notice the two Studio Calico boxes un opened on the shelf – yes, i am that behind on my Project Life album.

I drink a lot of tea – i have it strong with a couple of teaspoons of milk – yum.

I seem to be having trouble documenting evenings! I must try harder at this tomorrow.


Week in the life – The story of Thursday

Today was awesome. So awesome that I forgot to take pictures of most of it! Todays events obviously don’t happen every day, so i feel like I am cheating using them in my Week in the life album. I could have waited until next month to complete this project, but then I would have been to busy to dedicate time and effort to it, so hopefully the other regular days, will balance out this one in the album.

We went out for the day to a beach in Wales so hubby could photography the lighthouse. I wasn’t sure what the weather/ terrain was going to be like so i ended up packing everything from flip flops to wellies. We were eager to get going so i forgot to take an image of the bags, and then my camera got packed away into the boot of the car.

Todays story: Not just an ordinary day.

IMG_7049 IMG_7062 IMG_7086 IMG_7098 IMG_7127 IMG_7182

Do you document the non-normal days the same as the regular? Would love to hear your thoughts


Week in the life – The story of Wednesday

Three days into Week in the life and I think i am finding my routine. Getting in the habit of taking images does take some getting used to. I don’t have children to document, i don’t usually have anyone else (human) in the house during the day to document either. My life may seem pretty empty from looking at my previous posts from this project, but hey, this is currently me, and thats what this project is about.

Part of me can not wait to get back to work – a regular routine where i have structure and purpose. I should be enjoying the summer, but the worries of starting a new school in September and having lots of preparation work to complete is hanging around like a grey cloud.

Todays story: Cherish the last of summer

Hubby was off work today (yay) and he snapped this to document the bad habit i have of sitting on the stairs to put my shoes on.

Dexter is more than happy to have a drink from our water bottle when we are out for a walk.

I love how Dexters tail is wagging all of the time, he was very happy to have his master at home for the day.

I hadn’t yet sorted out my WITL kit, so i spent some time this afternoon putting the page protectors in order and looking through some of the cards really to begin layouts.

I am not the best cook in the world, and it is very rare I will cook a meal using raw ingredients from scratch, it is usually a case of mixing together some packets, or boiling potatoes, rice or veg to accompany something from a box.

How is your week going?


Week in the life – The story of Tuesday

Hubby was at work until late and as I am on summer holidays from teaching, so most friends and family are all at work too. Yesterday, for Mondays story i had planned to use Ali Edwards daily planner sheets to write down what happened during the day, though and feelings. Well, I didn’t get very far, and today was no different as I felt I had nothing to write apart from ‘had another cup of tea’* so i decided to focus on a few general things and the current daily routine, which is really what this project is all about – capturing the things we often gloss over and take as normal which we ignore to document.

Story of today: Routine

I really love seeded bread, Hubby hates it, so I save it for when he is at work as my little treat.

Dex had been digging in the garden again and came up stairs to show me his dirty beard!

I dry my hair on the stairs, the bedroom is pretty small and there is lovely light in this spot in the house.

My hair straighteners are really old and only just about do their job. I went to see a good friend for coffee who I haven’t seen in ages, but I completely forgot to take any pictures!

*Another cup of tea.

I wouldn’t say I am OCD, but I do like to wash my hands regular, especially if I have been out and about, in the garden, played with Dexter or of cause before making dinner.

Had the usual evening walk with the pup, the sky was an awesome pink colour this evening. I love this pic hubby snapped for me on the way out the door.

Goals for tomorrow: Write more on my planner sheets to aid journalling.


Week in the Life – The story of Monday

My first day of Week in the Life – done! I don’t think I’ve taken enough images today, but thats ok, i have the week to fill in any gaps and step up the picture taking anti. I haven’t planned out my album yet (thats tomorrows job) so when I do i will get a good idea of image sizes i should be considering for the rest of week (large 6x8s or small filler 2x2s)

As i planned in my previous post, i exclusively used my DSLR today, and hope to continue that.

Here is a selection of my images from today

The story of today: Get some sh**t done.

I had a new car last week, so sorting calling the DVLA about tax and registration plates was a priority this morning.LEE_0646

I really hate hoovering but it had to be done after decorating at the weekend.

Checking the weather before i went food shopping!

LEE_0666 LEE_0669

How is your Week in the life going?


Week in the life 2015


This year I am planning to take part in the Ali Edwards project Week in the Life – a week long project where you document every bit of your week, moments from when you wake up to when you go to bed each day. When I first came across this free class when i began Project Life two years I was sceptical as my life is pretty dull! This year, when she announced it, i thought I would give it a go. From reading various blogs, including Ali’s, I came to realise that its all about documenting YOU and if thats the mundane like what I had for tea, then thats totally fine.

Big events don’t always happen (hello, have you see my PL layouts – dog walk overload) so having the opportunity to focus on, and document little things like the pile of clothes always left on the bedroom floor or the washing up is an important part of my story and my life as it is now.

I decided to pre-order the kit as this is my first year so i have a starting point, so I will set this up soon so I have a head start! I am also going to take the opportunity to use my DSLR as my PL album is 99% iPhone photos –  it is a little more work, but I think it will produce a nicer project and inspire more creativity (hopefully!)

My goal is to also blog on here the main story of the day and then the completed layouts next week.

New to the project? Find out more on Ali’s blog here.

Are you in? I would love to see your ideas and week in the life stories.