2015 Project Life album walkthrough

A quick walk through of my 2015 8×6 Project life albums, including an  album review, page protector best buys and some general ramblings.



2016 Project Life plans

2016projcetlifeplansHappy New Year! Wow, I can not believe 2015 has been and gone. It was a year of mostly ups, doing well at work, having a happy home and moving closer to family.

I am now thinking ahead to my 3rd year of doing Project Life. I first discovered the world of Project Life via a day browsing the internet for new craft projects. I went to the Hobby Craft sale this time 3 years ago to buy my first 12×12 album, a small pack of page protectors (just incase I didn’t like it) and the Blush Core Kit to get me started. I was hooked from my first spread. It gave me a creative outlet, prompted me to do and try more things, and opened me up to a whole new community. The only downside – spending a shed load of money!

I am considering what has, and what hasn’t worked over the last couple of years as I plan for 2016

Format: I really enjoyed my Studio Calico 6×8 handbook album this year, but I wanted a change so I am now going to be using the Seven Paper 9×12 album. I  will continue with weekly spreads (one week over 2 pages) This year, some weeks I felt I cut out stories due to space, of cause some weeks I went without taking one picture, but thats ok, I’m still not against using a large image to fill space or putting two weeks in one spread if i need to, or taking 2 or 3 spreads up for a busy week.


Printing: I will continue to print using my Canon selphy . Although this probably works out more expensive, I enjoy sitting down, planning a weeks spread, printing and completing in the space of a couple of hours, not having to plan lots of spreads, waiting for images to be back from the printers and then having to complete them. Seems like a lengthy process.

Embellishments: I will continue to use  embellishments from the monthly kits, including stamping, stamping is my favourite.


What will change: Put more thought in to pictures, attempt to improve the neatness of my hand writing for more journalling, trying new things such as including more digital stamps.

What will stay the same: Weekly title cards and calendar card to start the month

What are you 2016 plans? I would love to hear!


Blogmas #24 -Last Blogmas

It’s Christmas Eve!! I have come to the end of my Blogmas marathon. I’ve really enjoyed posting every day during the run up to Christmas. December has been busier than I anticipated so posts have been shorter  – and I only missed a few posts! Next year, I think I will plan more in advance to get prepared, including my December Daily as I would have liked to spend more time on this project while it is still December!

As mentioned in yesterdays post – today is all about the last minute wrapping!


Merry Christmas all.


Blogmas #23 – Christmas shopping!

I generally  always leave my shopping until the last minute, I don’t know why – it’s become a tradition! Along with my Starbucks gingerbread latte – my absolute favourite.  I don’t go too mad on presents, I think at this time of year the pressure can get over whelming to get the right gift which usually equals spending lots of money. Just for the sake of one day.

Hope you are all having a lovely festive period and you have all your shopping sorted – but you haven’t splurged too much!


Blogmas #22 – December Daily

Today was the turn of December Daily on the craft table.


I managed the first 5 days, even though I am only working on a 6×4 album, it seemed to take ages! Maybe i’m just not in the christmas spirit yet what with the warm weather here in the UK at the moment. Not sure what December Daily is  – ready my previous post about my plans here.

I will film a walk through video soon, but first, Christmas shopping!

How is your album going so far?



Blogmas #21 – Playing Catch up

Today I sat down, for the first time in weeks at my craft desk and created a couple of my September (yep, still behind!) Project Life spreads using my Studio Calico kits.

The aim of these spreads was to get them completed and in the album. I have my December Daily album to work on, which I don’t mind doing in the new year, but i feel like I want to get my 2015 PL album as up to date as I can ready to start a fresh for 2016.



Blogmas #20 – Decorations

I love the stories behind Tree decorations.

Yesterday from my friends wedding, as favours she made everyone silver decorations, how cute! Its so nice that we can now put these on our tree every year and remember the fab day we had.

The soldiers we picked up when we were on holiday in the Lake District earlier this year.

What are your decoration traditions?


Blogmas #19 – My best friends wedding

Today was the day I have been looking forward to for months! My very good friend got married today. A perfect Christmas wedding.

Once  I decided what to wear (see yesterdays post!) I curled my hair with the intention of put it in to an ‘undo’ – that didn’t go to plan, my hair just didn’t want to play ball. So i went for the wavy look.

The weather was a little drizzly but it wasn’t cold so we were able to have photographs outside. While we were waiting we had Hot Chocolate. Now I am not usually a fan on Hot Choc, but this was amazing! I stirred in some Mint Aero chunks and put Marshmallows on the top! Yum!


Traditional Turkey dinner for the meal (with a few glasses on wine obvs!)


I had such a lovely day.


Blogmas #18 -I hate shopping

Tomorrow I’m off to a wedding. When the shops are full of Christmas party dresses, I have been struggling to find a dress which feels ‘right’. I have tired on many which fit the purpose, but none I felt happy in. I got one from Debenhams a few weeks ago, but today while I was looking for a bag and new earrings to go with said dress – A dress caught my eye in Dorothy Perkins (with 30% off) and I much prefer this one!

I just hope the weather stays warm!