Project Life – A Project Dead?

My craft desk, and blog lay derelict and unloved. Why? I don’t think I have a reason. I could blame a busy work schedule, family life or dedicating my Saturdays to Netflix watching episodes of The Good Wife or White Collar.

As I sat down an my craft desk yesterday I had  3 unopened Studio Calico documenter kits waiting for me. That was a daunting prospect.

I wondered where to start and if I would ever catch up. I booted up my Canon Selphy,  loaded up my photo feed and scrolled (all the way back) to February. I wanted to try and knock out at least a couple of spreads in the hour or so I had put aside, so I journaled by hand (something I said at the beginning of the year I wasn’t got to do in my 2016 Project Life Plans post) and used as little embellishments as possible. These spreads are by no means the most creative, but heck, the memories are in the album and thats all that counts.


Next time, I don’t plan on leaving it so long – roll on the weekend!



Blogmas #19 – My best friends wedding

Today was the day I have been looking forward to for months! My very good friend got married today. A perfect Christmas wedding.

Once  I decided what to wear (see yesterdays post!) I curled my hair with the intention of put it in to an ‘undo’ – that didn’t go to plan, my hair just didn’t want to play ball. So i went for the wavy look.

The weather was a little drizzly but it wasn’t cold so we were able to have photographs outside. While we were waiting we had Hot Chocolate. Now I am not usually a fan on Hot Choc, but this was amazing! I stirred in some Mint Aero chunks and put Marshmallows on the top! Yum!


Traditional Turkey dinner for the meal (with a few glasses on wine obvs!)


I had such a lovely day.