How to print 3×3 and 3×4 images for Project Life

Printing images for my Project Life album often takes the most time – especially if I am playing catch up. I like to edit and print in bulk and scrap a few layouts at a time. I used to print using my Canon Selpy, but it was working out expensive. I like to use that printer for mini projects (such as Day in the Life) or if I am totally up to date on the album.

So for most of this year, I have been printing in bulk. I edit the 3×4 images into a 6×4 images, and the 3×3’s into a 9×6 picture to print off in store.

Here is a tutorial on how I use Photoshop to collate my 3×4 and 3×3 images ready for printing:

October 2017 finished spreads:PS tutorialPS tutorial_2

How do you print your images?



Blogmas #4 – 5 Simple Steps to completing a Project Life layout

Lets face it, were busy people. We go to work, spend time driving to and from said place of work, walk the dog, make food, go shopping for the forgotten milk, check emails, pay bills online, look after family and catch up on our favourite TV shows. And that was just yesterday.

Getting time to document this can be an issue. My process has been streamlined over the last few years into 5 simple steps.

1. Take a picture! As described above, my life is pretty uneventful and mundane. Some weeks I hardly take any pictures between Monday morning and 3pm on a Friday, but i’m fine with that. The ‘boring’ things might look, well, boring, but it’s whats happening now. Who know or when those little things might change.

2. Plan my layout for the week. I choose my favourite images to use by looking back at my photos on my iPhone stream and decide what filler cards or colour scheme I am using. If an image doesn’t quite work with that ‘week’ I’ll save it for the next spread – Who will know? And I probably won’t remember.

3. Use PicFrame to export images onto size, either 6×4 or 3×4 (two images to a 6×4).

4. Print using my Canon Selphy. Don’t have a printer? No problem, Websites like SnapFish or local shops like Asda or Jessops have great printing offers and usually have 1 hour printing/ next day delivery.

5. Embellish and Journal  (Optional) I don’t add many embellishments – an odd word phrase, stamp or sticker to tie the layout together.


How to label your Project Life albums

Project life binder label

Hands up if you have project life albums on the shelf without the spine of the binder having a label? I finally got round to labelling my albums this week. It took me all of around 20 minutes!

Heres how:

I measured the size of each of my album labels on the spine as they are different depending on the size or manufacture. Unsure of sizes? You can download the file i used as a template at the end of this post.

I used Photoshop, but you can use any programme which allows you to create a box and type text  – even word will do. I created a new A4 document and drew a shape for each of the label sizes

Project life binder labels

I then added text. I chose to use a classic bold font for my binder label, adjusting the size until I was happy, ensuring I left a couple of millimetres bleed each side.

project life binder tutorial

Once all your labels are completed your ready to print! I printed using my home HP printer on regular card and cut them down to size with my paper trimmer.

Binder labels

Project life label

You can download the photoshop file with the various album sizes to help you create your own Project Life binder labels here, or download the JPEG file here.


5 ways to use a vintage typewriter for journaling in project life

5 ways to use typewriter in project life

I am lucky enough to have my mom’s old original 1970s typewriter which she paid for weekly to use at secretarial college. I originally discovered it when I looking for one to use for my guest book at my wedding over 3 years ago, “I’ve got one you can use –  see, if you keep anything long enough!” as my Mom said. I purchased a new ink ribbon off Ebay and it was a fab touch to my day. It got tucked away in my craft room until i got a chance to take it back to put in the loft.

When i started doing Project Life last year, i came across some images on Pinterest which used what i thought was a computer font or a stamp, but on closer inspection i realised it was indeed a typewriter, I dug out my Olympia model  which was gathering dust and had a practice, It has been a permanent feature on the shelf since. Here are my top 5 ways to use a typewriter for project life or scrapbook journaling.

 1. Straight to journal cards
Lets start with the basics. A type writer in made for A4 paper, so lining up for a 3×4 card can be tricky. Use the ruler/ guides to line up the edges so you can secure the card in place. Typewriting project life1

2. Type on to vellum 

This is defiantly my favourite way of journalling so far this year. It is so versatile, layer it over a picture or patterned paper, or cut up words and attached to your image. LEE_6281

3. Individual words or typed sentiment banners LEE_6293

4. Sentiment on washi
Sometimes you haven’t got the write stamp, or it takes too long to stamp individual letters. Typewriter font is the perfect size for washi tape. Attach a piece to a journalling card and roll through the typewriter as normal, just ensure you line them up correctly. Typewriting on washi tape

5. Type on to photographs

This method is a little riskier if you don’t print your images at home, but the results make it worth while if you nail it! Typewriter with project life

Watch the video on my Youtube channel

How do you use your typewriter for journaling?


Sewing onto card

Last year i purchased a Janome Mini sewing machine in the sale, I was inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, and videos such as this one from Two Peas in a Bucket to add stitching to embellishments on my Project Life layout.

I rarely used stitching in my Project Life layouts last year because of my set up. Once my printer was on the table along with a box of PL cards, embellishments, guillotine and so on, there was little left for my 12×12 album let alone a sewing machine which is stored in a cupboard. Now I have changed to a smaller size, have my Raskog cart and a dedicated table (bye bye husbands junk shelves) I can now use it more regularly.

I have created a mini video to show how I use stitching in my layouts. This is my first tutorial video, so any feedback welcome 🙂


How to: Project Life for beginners

This time last year I was a Project life newbie. I came across the concept and fell in love. I had a 10% off voucher for Hobbycraft and purchased a 12×12 album and the Blush core kit.  I am not one that usually sticks with projects, I usually get bored or loose interest, but I wanted something that I had to complete and stick to. My husband is a photographer and I am an enthusiast, so having to do something with the images and present them to look back on, was something that appealed to me.

After a shaky start in January making do with the basics I got into my stride.

Project life kraft kit Project life for beginners

My process:

My 2014 album mainly consists of photos from my Iphone 5/6. The images are automatically organised in date order, apart from adjusting the brightness or cropping i also rarely edited the pictures. I print my images using the Canon Selphy with 6X4 paper. I found it so much easier printing images when i need and make design choices as I complete individual layouts.

I have to admit – I don’t really plan in advance except a quick sketch for the position of the weeks photos for printing sizes. This will change a little this year to help me keep up to date.

Planning Project Life

My top 3 Project Life tips for beginners:

  1. Your phone is your friend. I do plan to use my DSLR more this year, but for everyday moments (such as the dog fighting a pair of socks) that’s not always possible.
  2. Don’t get too far behind. A few hours one day a week on a quite TV night or on a Sunday, is enough to do a couple of spreads, the more i got behind the more daunting it was to get started.
  3. Find your own style. I am a big massive Pinterest fan, and I am always looking for inspiration and ideas, although mine never look quite as glamorous, they are mine.

Enjoy a new (addictive) hobby!


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