Pregnancy and Birth Project Life album page layouts

Pregnancy. What a journey. When I found out I was pregnant, the documenter in me had all the great intentions of doing a Project Life/ pocket page/ scrapbook album dedicated to my 9 months, full of the developments, emotions, ups and downs. In reality  –  The first 3 months I spent napping, the middle 3 I spent fully enjoying life, the last 3 I spent researching and purchasing all the items a little person needs – Not leaving much time for that extra documenting.

When I played catch  up on my 2017 Project Life album, I just included all the little things I wanted to when they occurred week by week instead of a separate album. I had a great pregnancy, no cravings, no sickness so felt there was little to document except my growing bump. I took a ‘proper’ photo every month which I still need to sort and put into an album, but the more natural or selfie pictures fit nicely in my PL album.

There wasn’t much inspiration out there, I had a look on forums and on Pinterest, but there was little that was my style, or it was all old fashioned scrapbook layouts, so I just winged it in my own way!

This video looks at my last few weeks of pregnancy and the birth, walk thing through how I incorporated the photos within my pocket page spreads in my 2017 Project Life album using July Studio Calico kit and Lollipop Guild pregnancy cards.


Cards mentioned:
LOLLIPOP GUILD PREGNANCY JOURNAL CARDS from Studio Calico (now in download only) available here

What did you do to document your pregnancy or birth? I’d love to hear in the comments!





Project Life Plans for 2018


2017 was a big year, a new baby girl, two holidays; and that called for another large 9×12 album. This year, I’m going back to a smaller, simpler and slightly less time consuming 8×6 approach. I’m still completing my 2017 album (only 3 months left to go!) Mostly due to lack of time to complete a layout, I’d sit down with all good intentions, but something (or someone small) usually stopped me completing, then the amount of photos I took of baby girl when she was born, was overwhelming. I am still using the Studio Calico documenter kits – I find them fun, easy and generally my kinda style. I seriously contemplated cancelling my kit subscription this year –  I have so much left over kit items I could use to make up weekly spreads, but I like the ease of the kits. I may look at other kit subscriptions later on in the year for a change, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

There are 3 main reasons I’ve gone back to an 8×6 album this year:

  1. 9×12 pocket pages are really hard to get hold of in the UK, they lurk around the search engines, but are usually out of stock. I never remember to add them to an order from SC during bundling, and it makes postage expensive.
  2. Lack of photos – sometimes. Some weeks I have very few photos, or they are all of the same little person pulling a slightly different expression. I felt the need to include all those images in my 2017 catch up, but I need to learn to let go a little and just choose the best ones that tell a specific story for that week, wether this works or not remains to be seen when I start the album.
  3. Time  – I’ll be back at work soon, I have no idea how I am going to juggle my full time job, lesson planning, marking, child care, cooking, house work etc etc… so my PL album will need to be quick and easy if I have any hope of keeping up to date(ish)

So what will change?

  • Album size
  • Mind set on completing layouts, not worrying if they are a work of creative genius
  • More process videos (hopefully!)

What will stay the same?

  • Studio Calico documenter kit subscription.