Week In The Life – Wednesday

The story of Wednesday…

Lee up and getting ready for work, talking to dexter about the day ahead. I got up shortly after and had breakfast.

Dropped Dexter off for his appointment at the vets to be neutered, his little face was not impressed, but he got into the kennel OK and said hello to his neighbour. I felt guilty, but I know it’s the best thing for us a family ready for the new addition.

I browsed the shops for nothing in particular, but found a nice mustard lampshade, perfect for the nursery. I treated myself to a decaf cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake at Costa, partly because i really needed the toilet (the joys of pregnancy) and heading home to an empty house would have been strange.

Made myself some lunch, chicken salad sandwich was on the menu.

Lee came home from work  – a rare early finish, made him some lunch and a coffee. He often puts him arms around me while we wait for the kettle to boil or food to cook, we both work, he works long days and in the evening i’m busy cooking, tying, cleaning. I like these little moments. 

We got the call that Dexter has come around from his operation and we headed to pick him up around half 4. He was so docile bless him, we put him in his basket but he soon looked to come for a cuddle.

A common view on the sofa. We sat after tea and watched some more of Marvels Iron Fist – it’s no where near as good as the other Netflix series, but we are trying to make our way through them.

We put Dexter’s collar on for bed time. He was not impressed. He whimpered through the first few hours of bed time – we relented and he got into bed with us, minus the cone.

Hope your Wednesday has been an adventure.



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