Week In The Life – Tuesday

The story of Tuesdays Week In The Life, todays prompt was ‘favourites’. I had planned to take photos of my favourite products but the pictures I ended up taking mostly worked.

At the weekends or on school holidays my favourite breakfast to have is tea and toast. I could get up 15 minutes earlier and have some before work, or take some in some foil, but it’s never quite the same. We have two toasters in the cupboard that need new fuses which we always forget to put on the weekly shop, so the toast is done under the grill.

My favourite type of morning for a brisk (well as brisk as I can move now adays) dog walk – sunny but chilly weather along the canal, our regular route.

I sat down on my favourite side of the sofa to look through yesterdays WITL images, wearing my comfy joggers (the only item that fits me comfortably now except for my maternity jeans) Dexter likes to come and investigate what I’m doing.

Snap Election announcement by the UK PM. Politics. Not my favourite subject.

Organisation, one of my favourite past times. I wanted to try and finish sorting the study and feel better for the spring clean.

Tomato Soup and Sandwich (a favourite that reminds me of home) while watching a few episodes of the new series of Grace and Frankie

An afternoon nap with Dexter in his favourite sleeping position.

Woke up to find Ali had posted her Mondays words and images which I had been eager to read for some inspiration. I can never seem to get my thoughts/ feelings down in the same way for journaling as he can.

A walk for Dexter and a quick trip to our local super market to pick up some more milk and as usual a few other bits fell in the trolly.

My favourite place. In bed discussing our day and catching up on the days news.



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