Week In The Life – Monday

Welcome to another year of me participating in Ali Edwards’ project A Week In The Life.

I took part in this project in Summer 2015 and a I completed 90% of the album, the journaling taking a back seat as usual.

This year I plan to:

  • Take a more relax approach buy not feeling I have to take 50 pictures a day to tell a story
  • Try and focus on a prompt or theme for each day to keep in focused
  • Write down the story behind the pictures in a hope it will translate into the finished album.

The story of today

A classic bank holiday Monday filled with household jobs.

After a well needed lie in I volunteered to get up first and make the morning cuppa using our usual favourite mugs, decaf tea for me, coffee for Lee. Followed by croissants for breakfast and an old episode of Top Gear on Dave, surprisingly an episode I haven’t see 3 times.

We began sorting out the office room moving some furniture around so the the smaller desks from the current craft room can be put in there, after a bit of measuring it all managed to fit in. My craft room now has space for nursery furniture.

A quick Lunch with the in-laws  and play time for Dexter

On impulse, we went to see a new housing development. I’ve been dreaming of owning my own house for years, especially now I’m Pregnant. Saving never quite goes to plan, but the  current  help to buy scheme is the perfect opportunity to have a serious think and find out more information. I doubt we’ll be able to get a mortgage, but it was nice to dream.

Dinner time. Country Chicken using my trusty pot which my nan passed down to me years ago.

Lee spent some time tying some fishing rigs, while I caught up in Line of Duty.

Hope your Week in the Life 2017 is off to a great start.



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