Blogmas #4 – 5 Simple Steps to completing a Project Life layout

Lets face it, were busy people. We go to work, spend time driving to and from said place of work, walk the dog, make food, go shopping for the forgotten milk, check emails, pay bills online, look after family and catch up on our favourite TV shows. And that was just yesterday.

Getting time to document this can be an issue. My process has been streamlined over the last few years into 5 simple steps.

1. Take a picture! As described above, my life is pretty uneventful and mundane. Some weeks I hardly take any pictures between Monday morning and 3pm on a Friday, but i’m fine with that. The ‘boring’ things might look, well, boring, but it’s whats happening now. Who know or when those little things might change.

2. Plan my layout for the week. I choose my favourite images to use by looking back at my photos on my iPhone stream and decide what filler cards or colour scheme I am using. If an image doesn’t quite work with that ‘week’ I’ll save it for the next spread – Who will know? And I probably won’t remember.

3. Use PicFrame to export images onto size, either 6×4 or 3×4 (two images to a 6×4).

4. Print using my Canon Selphy. Don’t have a printer? No problem, Websites like SnapFish or local shops like Asda or Jessops have great printing offers and usually have 1 hour printing/ next day delivery.

5. Embellish and Journal  (Optional) I don’t add many embellishments – an odd word phrase, stamp or sticker to tie the layout together.



One thought on “Blogmas #4 – 5 Simple Steps to completing a Project Life layout

  1. Very sound advice! Also want to suggest FreePrints for those who can’t print at home – it’s an app that allows you to print 45 6X4 photos for free a month (pay for postage). I’ve been using it a lot lately and it suits my needs perfectly, so someone else might enjoy it too!


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