Documenting July with Studio Calico

Having moved house in August and started teaching at a new school in September – All plans to Catch up on Project Life went out of the window! This week I  finally found some down time to get back into it. I often sat down and had a look through my photos on my phone, or flipped through the cards, but I never felt like I could put the two together to create a layout I would be happy with.  I found the longer I didn’t complete a layout, especially from so long ago with events I have practically forgotten about – the harder it was to get back into the swing of if and find my creative groove.

I sat at my desk with a main goal to complete one spread, even if it was rubbish  – I could always do it again. I had to start my ‘volume two’ album as my handbook was bursting at the seams.

Turns out, once I was in the flow I couldn’t stop

IMG_9970 IMG_9972

IMG_9973 IMG_9975

IMG_9977 IMG_9978IMG_9983 IMG_9985 IMG_9987

Better late than never!



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