How to label your Project Life albums

Project life binder label

Hands up if you have project life albums on the shelf without the spine of the binder having a label? I finally got round to labelling my albums this week. It took me all of around 20 minutes!

Heres how:

I measured the size of each of my album labels on the spine as they are different depending on the size or manufacture. Unsure of sizes? You can download the file i used as a template at the end of this post.

I used Photoshop, but you can use any programme which allows you to create a box and type text  – even word will do. I created a new A4 document and drew a shape for each of the label sizes

Project life binder labels

I then added text. I chose to use a classic bold font for my binder label, adjusting the size until I was happy, ensuring I left a couple of millimetres bleed each side.

project life binder tutorial

Once all your labels are completed your ready to print! I printed using my home HP printer on regular card and cut them down to size with my paper trimmer.

Binder labels

Project life label

You can download the photoshop file with the various album sizes to help you create your own Project Life binder labels here, or download the JPEG file here.



3 thoughts on “How to label your Project Life albums

  1. Hi Charlie,
    Any thoughts on labelling albums which didn’t come with the spine label holder? I can’t find stick-on label holders and I’ve tried various labels, which don’t adhere well to faux leather. Bit stumped!
    Enjoyed your WITL posts 🙂


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