Week in the life – The story of Thursday

Today was awesome. So awesome that I forgot to take pictures of most of it! Todays events obviously don’t happen every day, so i feel like I am cheating using them in my Week in the life album. I could have waited until next month to complete this project, but then I would have been to busy to dedicate time and effort to it, so hopefully the other regular days, will balance out this one in the album.

We went out for the day to a beach in Wales so hubby could photography the lighthouse. I wasn’t sure what the weather/ terrain was going to be like so i ended up packing everything from flip flops to wellies. We were eager to get going so i forgot to take an image of the bags, and then my camera got packed away into the boot of the car.

Todays story: Not just an ordinary day.

IMG_7049 IMG_7062 IMG_7086 IMG_7098 IMG_7127 IMG_7182

Do you document the non-normal days the same as the regular? Would love to hear your thoughts



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