Week in the life – The story of Wednesday

Three days into Week in the life and I think i am finding my routine. Getting in the habit of taking images does take some getting used to. I don’t have children to document, i don’t usually have anyone else (human) in the house during the day to document either. My life may seem pretty empty from looking at my previous posts from this project, but hey, this is currently me, and thats what this project is about.

Part of me can not wait to get back to work – a regular routine where i have structure and purpose. I should be enjoying the summer, but the worries of starting a new school in September and having lots of preparation work to complete is hanging around like a grey cloud.

Todays story: Cherish the last of summer

Hubby was off work today (yay) and he snapped this to document the bad habit i have of sitting on the stairs to put my shoes on.

Dexter is more than happy to have a drink from our water bottle when we are out for a walk.

I love how Dexters tail is wagging all of the time, he was very happy to have his master at home for the day.

I hadn’t yet sorted out my WITL kit, so i spent some time this afternoon putting the page protectors in order and looking through some of the cards really to begin layouts.

I am not the best cook in the world, and it is very rare I will cook a meal using raw ingredients from scratch, it is usually a case of mixing together some packets, or boiling potatoes, rice or veg to accompany something from a box.

How is your week going?



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