Week in the life – The story of Tuesday

Hubby was at work until late and as I am on summer holidays from teaching, so most friends and family are all at work too. Yesterday, for Mondays story i had planned to use Ali Edwards daily planner sheets to write down what happened during the day, though and feelings. Well, I didn’t get very far, and today was no different as I felt I had nothing to write apart from ‘had another cup of tea’* so i decided to focus on a few general things and the current daily routine, which is really what this project is all about – capturing the things we often gloss over and take as normal which we ignore to document.

Story of today: Routine

I really love seeded bread, Hubby hates it, so I save it for when he is at work as my little treat.

Dex had been digging in the garden again and came up stairs to show me his dirty beard!

I dry my hair on the stairs, the bedroom is pretty small and there is lovely light in this spot in the house.

My hair straighteners are really old and only just about do their job. I went to see a good friend for coffee who I haven’t seen in ages, but I completely forgot to take any pictures!

*Another cup of tea.

I wouldn’t say I am OCD, but I do like to wash my hands regular, especially if I have been out and about, in the garden, played with Dexter or of cause before making dinner.

Had the usual evening walk with the pup, the sky was an awesome pink colour this evening. I love this pic hubby snapped for me on the way out the door.

Goals for tomorrow: Write more on my planner sheets to aid journalling.



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