Week in the Life – The story of Monday

My first day of Week in the Life – done! I don’t think I’ve taken enough images today, but thats ok, i have the week to fill in any gaps and step up the picture taking anti. I haven’t planned out my album yet (thats tomorrows job) so when I do i will get a good idea of image sizes i should be considering for the rest of week (large 6x8s or small filler 2x2s)

As i planned in my previous post, i exclusively used my DSLR today, and hope to continue that.

Here is a selection of my images from today

The story of today: Get some sh**t done.

I had a new car last week, so sorting calling the DVLA about tax and registration plates was a priority this morning.LEE_0646

I really hate hoovering but it had to be done after decorating at the weekend.

Checking the weather before i went food shopping!

LEE_0666 LEE_0669

How is your Week in the life going?



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