Week in the life 2015


This year I am planning to take part in the Ali Edwards project Week in the Life – a week long project where you document every bit of your week, moments from when you wake up to when you go to bed each day. When I first came across this free class when i began Project Life two years I was sceptical as my life is pretty dull! This year, when she announced it, i thought I would give it a go. From reading various blogs, including Ali’s, I came to realise that its all about documenting YOU and if thats the mundane like what I had for tea, then thats totally fine.

Big events don’t always happen (hello, have you see my PL layouts – dog walk overload) so having the opportunity to focus on, and document little things like the pile of clothes always left on the bedroom floor or the washing up is an important part of my story and my life as it is now.

I decided to pre-order the kit as this is my first year so i have a starting point, so I will set this up soon so I have a head start! I am also going to take the opportunity to use my DSLR as my PL album is 99% iPhone photos –  it is a little more work, but I think it will produce a nicer project and inspire more creativity (hopefully!)

My goal is to also blog on here the main story of the day and then the completed layouts next week.

New to the project? Find out more on Ali’s blog here.

Are you in? I would love to see your ideas and week in the life stories.



2 thoughts on “Week in the life 2015

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