Week 13: A quick Project Life spread completed over two days

I am still playing catch up on my Project Life (only 4 weeks behind!). In March we went on holiday to the lovely town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, a favourite place of ours which Lee has been visiting since child hood and he introduced me to this magical place 5 years ago. My challenge for this spread was to condense my images. Doing 6×8 format this year I do feel  a little more limited to space for the ‘larger’ events. I plan each spread so I know what size i need to print images and roughly what cards I would like to use which compliment the images. This weekend I knew was a crazy one as family were visiting, but I really wanted to get this 3 page spread completed in the time I had spare.

Friday 7pm – 7:25: Checked which page protectors I have left and what cards i have left in the March SC kit, decided to incorporate some stitching, as my Sewing machine is still playing up, I chose to use a  ‘Rad’ tag which has been in my stash for a while. I back stitched the card using Anchor thread.

Saturday 8:30am: Had a flip through my iPhone and favourited some of my photos i wanted to use  in this spead while drinking a cuppa in bed.

Saturday 3:40 – 4pm: Using the PIcFrame app I exported images in to 3×4 format ready for printing.

Sunday: 10:30 – 11am: Printed off my images using my Canon Selphy, cropped and rounded the corners.

Sunday 1:15 – 1:35pm:  Put spread together with cards and images

Sunday 4:35 – 5:10pm: Wrote journalling (hand and typed) and added a few embellishments.

LEE_6417LEE_6420 LEE_6423 LEE_6421


This spread overall didn’t take me too long, though I think I would much prefer sitting down and doing the spread from start to finish to keep the ‘flow’ which i think encourages a little more creativity as this spread has a feel of ‘being quickly thrown together (probably because it was!).



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