5 ways to use a vintage typewriter for journaling in project life

5 ways to use typewriter in project life

I am lucky enough to have my mom’s old original 1970s typewriter which she paid for weekly to use at secretarial college. I originally discovered it when I looking for one to use for my guest book at my wedding over 3 years ago, “I’ve got one you can use –  see, if you keep anything long enough!” as my Mom said. I purchased a new ink ribbon off Ebay and it was a fab touch to my day. It got tucked away in my craft room until i got a chance to take it back to put in the loft.

When i started doing Project Life last year, i came across some images on Pinterest which used what i thought was a computer font or a stamp, but on closer inspection i realised it was indeed a typewriter, I dug out my Olympia model  which was gathering dust and had a practice, It has been a permanent feature on the shelf since. Here are my top 5 ways to use a typewriter for project life or scrapbook journaling.

 1. Straight to journal cards
Lets start with the basics. A type writer in made for A4 paper, so lining up for a 3×4 card can be tricky. Use the ruler/ guides to line up the edges so you can secure the card in place. Typewriting project life1

2. Type on to vellum 

This is defiantly my favourite way of journalling so far this year. It is so versatile, layer it over a picture or patterned paper, or cut up words and attached to your image. LEE_6281

3. Individual words or typed sentiment banners LEE_6293

4. Sentiment on washi
Sometimes you haven’t got the write stamp, or it takes too long to stamp individual letters. Typewriter font is the perfect size for washi tape. Attach a piece to a journalling card and roll through the typewriter as normal, just ensure you line them up correctly. Typewriting on washi tape

5. Type on to photographs

This method is a little riskier if you don’t print your images at home, but the results make it worth while if you nail it! Typewriter with project life

Watch the video on my Youtube channel

How do you use your typewriter for journaling?



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