#myselfiescrapbook challenge plans

I spend a lot of time on Instagram and i follow a lot of project life bloggers and creators. I came across Jennifer Lakes blog Sunlight & Air and discovered the hashtag #myselfiescrapbook.

For those of you who follow my blog/ videos know that I do use images of myself, this doesn’t make me vain or self absorbed, though sometimes i feel like people may think this when they are in my spreads, so perhaps i scale them back. I take selfies mostly with Hubby or Dexter and occasionally just on my own when i feel confident/ i am having a good hair day and always take them with that awkward arm stretched out in front pose trying to avoid your hand or sleeve creeping into the corner of the shot. This challenge encourages you to set the camera in-front of you.

When i originally saw this project i planned to include the images in my regular 6×8 album, however as i turned 30 last month, i feel a 4×4 mini album documenting who i am right here and now will be a project i can really embrace (plus i get to shop for a new mini album!).

This week’s prompts

Start with your feet
In the last few days it has finally become warm enough to wear pumps. Also, my current favourite comfy jeans.feet24x4

What you carry
I am known by my friends for carrying very little in my bag  – just the essentials. whaticarry4x4

Let’s see those hands
My hands are either typing on a key board, holding a dog lead or at every opportunity holding a nice warm comforting cup of tea in my favourite mug.hands1

Your favorite shirt

As above!

I wear minimal jewellery unless I am going out, my day to day is my wedding rings and my watch, which i wear facing down inside my wrist – i have no idea when or why i started doing this!

I can’t wait to received my gold WRMK album to get started on this project.

Are you taking part in #myselfiescrapbook ?



8 thoughts on “#myselfiescrapbook challenge plans

  1. You have taken great photos, love them. I am a pumps and jeans girl too and thankful that the weather is starting to turn so I can wear them. I am loving this project and I love seeing everyone’s take on it.


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