The life and soul of technology

This week my life, my love, had a cardiac arrest. In other words, the hard drive on my Macbook failed. The ‘grey screen of death’ they call it. No kiddin’. £106 later for a hard drive transplant, i have a faster, more efficient, full of life Mac. However it seems to have lost its soul, gone are my documents, my photos of Dexter as puppy, my creations, bookmarks, internet passwords…

Luckily i had most of my work documents backed up thanks to iCloud, one drive and dropbox. Remembering passwords to a variety of accounts have been a frustrating process. “You should write them down in the phone book like i do” said my Dad. “Well thats a little unsafe dad”… Oh how dads know best.

I had a couple of YouTube videos recorded that for some reason i was saving (for what?!). However I am thankful for a lot of my images making the cut to Facebook or Instagram, and am also thankful for having Project Life which actually means I have hard copies of the best and most memorable images to scan back into digital.

So my weekend job is to re film, catch up on missed blogging and hopefully restore the soul back into my lap buddy.

Where would we be with out technology?



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