Project Life 2015 goals

I don’t make new years resolutions, I never stick to them! So this year it’s a couple of goals to keep me focused. Last year I flitted between different creative projects and as a result I have a half finished crochet blanket, 2 embroidery hoop designs, a cross stitch and still 2 months of PL to catch up on!
So this year, I am going to focus on PL and scrap booking and only start new projects when other ones are complete.

So what’s going to change for my Project Life in 2015?
1. Move to 6×8 weekly format. The 6×8 format is a defo, the weekly will be a bit of trial and error as I aimed to do this for last year 12×12 but I could never fill the page.
2. Use my DSLR camera more for everyday pictures
3. Create more of my own card designs. I have lots of ideas and perhaps jot them down, but never get around to putting them in to photoshop.
4. Use my moms vintage typewriter for journaling
5. Experiment more. Using my sewing machine on pockets, use a variety of layouts (I exclusively A design last year and although it was satisfyingly uniformed, it lacked excitement)
6. Regularly use my blog!



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