6×8 albums for Project Life

The past few weeks I have contemplated down sizing my Project Life album size. In 2014 my album began weekly, but then soon turned in to monthly, partly due to work life taking over and there is only myself, hubby and Dexter (the dog). Some months have one spread, some two or three such as holidays or day trips, I’m fine with that.

Another reason for considering a change is space. Living in an apartment here in the UK, hubby has the office space so i often craft on the Dining table, an open 12 x 12, my printer, cards, embellishments, cutting mat… don’t all fit!

So, my choices:

Simple Stories SNAP 6X8 Collection

Sn@p! 6x8 Pocket Pages -3x4 / 4x6 Refills

I really like the look of these albums  and they are widely available in the UK.  They come in a variety of colours (red, black, teal and red) are faux leather and have a 2.25 inch spine. A plus point for me is it has the metal bookplate on the spine. It comes with 10 page protectors and has 2 D rings to hold replacements.

Project Life Faux 6xX Leather Album

Project Life 6x8 Faux Leather Album - Gray

For  a start, I’m a sucker for grey. The PL album again comes with 10 mixed page protectors using 2 D rings, so technically could also use the Snap protectors in this album too. The reason i am not running out to buy this album is the lack of blookplate on the spine to label the year like i have on my other albums.

Studio Calico 6X8 Handbook

This Handbook album by Studio Calico is a popular choice, mainly due to its 2.75 inch wide spine (the largest of the bunch). It comes with 13 mixed format page protectors. This album however has 4 D rings, which makes it hard to use other (cheaper) brands of page protectors unless you want to punch in new holes to make them fit. I really like this album (though limited colour choices in UK) but I am wondering if the hand punched holes to make other page protectors  fit (which are much easier and cheaper to get hold of the UK) will annoy me.

Studio Calico South of the Market 6X8 Handbook

Its grey (win) and has this cute leather clasp. On a number of websites it says this album has 2 D Rings,however from further research it actually has 4 like the other SC albums, so again, you would have to punch extra holes in the page protectors. It has the 2.75 inch spine and comes with 13 page protectors.

My decision  – the jury is still out!



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