The story of the last 6 months

So i’ve been away for a little while – it wasn’t intentional. I haven’t done a project life layout since May (and that was March’s layout) Oops. So it’s fair to say i’m a little behind with my album. As always!

This is the main reason why:


Maddison – 3 months old

I was overwhelmed by all the photos I had – over 800 pictures within the first week of her been born. So I put off going through them expect for the odd social media post. I was asking myself – how will i fit all these into my usual PL album? – the answer is I won’t! Should I do album just of her? Well I can’t manage my main album, let alone two – but that’s still in the ideas book.

I plan on spending the next few days planning some layouts and just getting photos printed so I can get them into the album. I might finish 2017 before the start of the 2018 album…maybe!



Friday – Week In The Life

The stories behind Fridays pictures

Telling the story of how nowadays it’s much for common for to do something with my hair. Pregnancy has its perks and my hair is currently one of them, its much more manageable, so i straighten in most days for work, today I though i’d try the wavy look.


The story of how if one of us is sitting at the computer desk, Dexter will always want to jump up. He loves leaning over and having a look out the window at the trees.


The story of taking Dexter to the vets for his check up after his operation. I enjoyed a good sing along to Bruno Mars on the way.
The vet said he was a very good boy and he is healing nicely.


I sat down do to some marking, usually I sit at the table, but I really felt like I needed to put my feet up. I was reading my Year 12’s TV drama scripts.
The story of a 30 week bump.

A healthy snack to keep me going, I used to able to eat any kind of apple, now only Pink Lady will do.

There is nothing like getting into a clean cosy bed.


Week In The Life – Thursday

I am enjoying this years Week In The Life project so far, but I feel it can be hard to find stories to tell when I’m off work on the school holidays, the days are filled with very similar, routine things, but I guess it’s the little stories that I will forget and appreciate when I look back.

Today I wanted to try and use the ‘ing’ prompt to encourage some stories.

I usually have Muesli every day when I’m at work, so it was nice to have a bowl full with an episode of Frasier.

Dexter was still asleep recovering well from yesterday so I sat and watched the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. I admit i’ve pretty much lost the plot of the show and think i stopped caring who AD actually is half a season ago – but I’ll still watch till the end.

Changing the bed and putting on the washing

Decaf tea is generally my only option nowadays – I have the odd real cup of tea/ coffee first thing in a morning, but i’m used to the decaf now and doubt I’d be able to tell the difference. Bump is getting bigger, at 30 weeks, its getting harder to see my feet.

Having a look at social media and a read of Ali’s WITL blog for inspiration for tomorrows story telling.

Lee called to say he was on the way home, so I began dinner prep – Burgers and Salad was on the menu. I much prefer a salad than vegetables.

I have been taking a mixture of landscape and portrait pictures with the album in mind, with my DSLR camera I naturally shoot landscape, so by either cropping images or using ones from my iphone, I should have a mix to fit into the page protectors currently set up in the album (hopefully)


Week In The Life – Wednesday

The story of Wednesday…

Lee up and getting ready for work, talking to dexter about the day ahead. I got up shortly after and had breakfast.

Dropped Dexter off for his appointment at the vets to be neutered, his little face was not impressed, but he got into the kennel OK and said hello to his neighbour. I felt guilty, but I know it’s the best thing for us a family ready for the new addition.

I browsed the shops for nothing in particular, but found a nice mustard lampshade, perfect for the nursery. I treated myself to a decaf cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake at Costa, partly because i really needed the toilet (the joys of pregnancy) and heading home to an empty house would have been strange.

Made myself some lunch, chicken salad sandwich was on the menu.

Lee came home from work  – a rare early finish, made him some lunch and a coffee. He often puts him arms around me while we wait for the kettle to boil or food to cook, we both work, he works long days and in the evening i’m busy cooking, tying, cleaning. I like these little moments. 

We got the call that Dexter has come around from his operation and we headed to pick him up around half 4. He was so docile bless him, we put him in his basket but he soon looked to come for a cuddle.

A common view on the sofa. We sat after tea and watched some more of Marvels Iron Fist – it’s no where near as good as the other Netflix series, but we are trying to make our way through them.

We put Dexter’s collar on for bed time. He was not impressed. He whimpered through the first few hours of bed time – we relented and he got into bed with us, minus the cone.

Hope your Wednesday has been an adventure.


Week In The Life – Tuesday

The story of Tuesdays Week In The Life, todays prompt was ‘favourites’. I had planned to take photos of my favourite products but the pictures I ended up taking mostly worked.

At the weekends or on school holidays my favourite breakfast to have is tea and toast. I could get up 15 minutes earlier and have some before work, or take some in some foil, but it’s never quite the same. We have two toasters in the cupboard that need new fuses which we always forget to put on the weekly shop, so the toast is done under the grill.

My favourite type of morning for a brisk (well as brisk as I can move now adays) dog walk – sunny but chilly weather along the canal, our regular route.

I sat down on my favourite side of the sofa to look through yesterdays WITL images, wearing my comfy joggers (the only item that fits me comfortably now except for my maternity jeans) Dexter likes to come and investigate what I’m doing.

Snap Election announcement by the UK PM. Politics. Not my favourite subject.

Organisation, one of my favourite past times. I wanted to try and finish sorting the study and feel better for the spring clean.

Tomato Soup and Sandwich (a favourite that reminds me of home) while watching a few episodes of the new series of Grace and Frankie

An afternoon nap with Dexter in his favourite sleeping position.

Woke up to find Ali had posted her Mondays words and images which I had been eager to read for some inspiration. I can never seem to get my thoughts/ feelings down in the same way for journaling as he can.

A walk for Dexter and a quick trip to our local super market to pick up some more milk and as usual a few other bits fell in the trolly.

My favourite place. In bed discussing our day and catching up on the days news.


Week In The Life – Monday

Welcome to another year of me participating in Ali Edwards’ project A Week In The Life.

I took part in this project in Summer 2015 and a I completed 90% of the album, the journaling taking a back seat as usual.

This year I plan to:

  • Take a more relax approach buy not feeling I have to take 50 pictures a day to tell a story
  • Try and focus on a prompt or theme for each day to keep in focused
  • Write down the story behind the pictures in a hope it will translate into the finished album.

The story of today

A classic bank holiday Monday filled with household jobs.

After a well needed lie in I volunteered to get up first and make the morning cuppa using our usual favourite mugs, decaf tea for me, coffee for Lee. Followed by croissants for breakfast and an old episode of Top Gear on Dave, surprisingly an episode I haven’t see 3 times.

We began sorting out the office room moving some furniture around so the the smaller desks from the current craft room can be put in there, after a bit of measuring it all managed to fit in. My craft room now has space for nursery furniture.

A quick Lunch with the in-laws  and play time for Dexter

On impulse, we went to see a new housing development. I’ve been dreaming of owning my own house for years, especially now I’m Pregnant. Saving never quite goes to plan, but the  current  help to buy scheme is the perfect opportunity to have a serious think and find out more information. I doubt we’ll be able to get a mortgage, but it was nice to dream.

Dinner time. Country Chicken using my trusty pot which my nan passed down to me years ago.

Lee spent some time tying some fishing rigs, while I caught up in Line of Duty.

Hope your Week in the Life 2017 is off to a great start.


Catching up on Project Life 2016

Long time no blog!

I have spend the last few weekends catching up and completing my 2016 album. I was a little(!) behind (Documenting July in January is totally fine right?) I wasn’t that I’d lost interest in documenting, I had my holiday to Berlin to create spreads for, which I had way too many images, and also the end of the year where I had taken hardly any images. I just feel like I didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the time to dedicate to editing photos, printing and creating spreads.

Like all good procrastinators – I bit the bullet and sat down to go through my images, and like always, it never takes as long as you think.

I edited my photos on Photoshop and then get them batch printed at Jessops. All layouts created with the Studio Calico kits.

Can you spot the exciting news!?



Workspace Wednesday: Craft room tour

I’m lucky enough to have my own craft room – although its the box room – that little space is mine and I can loose myself in documenting.

Before this room gets turned in to a nursery I filmed a craft room tour, I will do another one later in the year when I have figured out how all my craft supplies are going to fit into my husbands office.



A Beautiful Mess Messy Box – Review

Last month I received an email for a free Messy Box, just $5 shipping – International too – bonus! I received it through my letter box 3 weeks later, great work guys.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this box, i had a quick look at the preview images on phone and ordered. I was surprised by the range of patters, I think I prefer the reverse sides of some of the cards  – mostly stops/ stripped black and white patterns. I really like the script which is used on the cards. The word stickers I really like, the phrases makes sense are are mostly relevant and totally useable which makes a change.

View my unboxing video below to see items in detail.

A few of my favourites are the Weekend stamp and  the very lovely black, white and weekend themed 3×3 cards.


Quality 5/5
Design 4.5/5
Value for money 4/5
Will i purchase again? If the price is right – certainly!

Have you tried a Messy Box? How did you find it?


Project Life – A Project Dead?

My craft desk, and blog lay derelict and unloved. Why? I don’t think I have a reason. I could blame a busy work schedule, family life or dedicating my Saturdays to Netflix watching episodes of The Good Wife or White Collar.

As I sat down an my craft desk yesterday I had  3 unopened Studio Calico documenter kits waiting for me. That was a daunting prospect.

I wondered where to start and if I would ever catch up. I booted up my Canon Selphy,  loaded up my photo feed and scrolled (all the way back) to February. I wanted to try and knock out at least a couple of spreads in the hour or so I had put aside, so I journaled by hand (something I said at the beginning of the year I wasn’t got to do in my 2016 Project Life Plans post) and used as little embellishments as possible. These spreads are by no means the most creative, but heck, the memories are in the album and thats all that counts.


Next time, I don’t plan on leaving it so long – roll on the weekend!